Eye Exam in Hicksville

Eye Exam in Hicksville

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Eye doctor in Hicksville

The difference between an eye exam and a vision screening can be summed up by saying that an eye exam always includes a vision screening, but not the other way around. Here at Eye and Vision Care Associates, our eye exam in Hicksville is comprehensive, and we will detail why that is so important.

If you get just a vision screening, then your eye health is being neglected. It may seem as if that’s not all that big a deal, since your eyes feel fine right now. But when you consider that the most common eye diseases, which include glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy, form and advance without providing any early warning signs, the reasoning behind our eye exam in Hicksville becomes more apparent. Symptoms are associated with later stage eye disease, and the consequences at that point can range from partial loss of vision, hemorrhaging of retinal blood vessels and damaged optic nerves, all the way up to compete blindness. There is typically no way to reverse the harm you would have already suffered, with the best case scenario being the prevention of further injury or vision loss. Our eye exam in Hicksville, as a yearly ritual, gives you the absolute best chance to have eye disease detected and treated in a timely manner, which is to say before any noticeable indications arise. A vision screening does not provide that. However, you will get a vision screening as part of your visit, and that’s a good thing because we want you to be experiencing the the sharpest vision with the greatest clarity that you can. To do so means always having a corrective eyewear prescription that is up to date, reflecting your vision needs right now.

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