Eyeglasses in Hicksville

Eyeglasses in Hicksville

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Designer eyeglasses in Hicksville

Eye and Vision Care Associates carries the best selection of eyeglasses in Hicksville. Our designer eyeglasses can be bought Monday through Saturday during business hours. We are closed on Sundays. Our office has been serving the area for over 40 years. Call today for the best in quality eye care. Our office is led by Dr. Cristina Polizzi, who is dedicated to all of her patients.

Multifocal eyeglass lenses are different lenses that provide multiple powers in one lens. Patients have the option of choosing a few different lenses. Basic monofocal lenses are used for single vision and have one power within the lens. Patients who have a high astigmatism will need glasses for both near and distance vision. Bifocal lenses have two different powers in the same lens, often near and far vision both, so that the patient can see both near and far in one lens. Bifocal lenses contain two lens powers while trifocal lenses contain three. Trifocal Eyeglasses in Hicksville have not two but three focal points. One for distance, intermediate and one for near vision.

Progressive Eyeglasses in Hicksville lenses provide a gradual change in power from the top half of the lens to the bottom of the lens. Bifocal and trifocal lenses have advantages over progressives in that they provide wider lens area. Bifocal and trifocals are ideal for reading and computer vision. Bifocals usually have the the lower part of the lens contain the power that corrects nearsighted vision. For more information, call our offices today to find out more about multifocal lenses and how we can help you see clearly and to have healthy eyes for many years to come. Our optical department is stocked with a wide range of eyeglasses and contact lenses. Our selection includes many different designer frames, budget frames and frames for children.

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