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Hicksville Eye Test

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Eye examination in Hicksville

Hicksville eye test
Hicksville eye test

Do you really need a yearly eye examination if your vision is okay and there are no obvious symptoms to indicate an eye health issue? You may be surprised to find out the importance of annual visit to us at Eye and Vision Care Associates. What’s happening on the surface is not the only story.

Your vision needs change over time. From one year to the next, you can go from a point where you were seeing excellently to seeing only adequately. If you have an existing prescription or corrective eyewear, perhaps you could benefit from an update to it. And if you don’t wear eyeglasses or contact lenses, there may be reason to think you should be doing so now. That is all determined with our Hicksville eye test, which includes having you read from an eye chart, a refractive assessment, and other testing that makes it easy to decide on the prescription that is ideal to give you the sharpest and clearest vision that you’re capable of having. Our Hicksville eye test is not just about helping you to see your best, but also about your the wellness of your eyes. Glaucoma and cataracts are two of the common eye diseases that form and progress without any indications in their early stages. By the time you are aware of a reason to come in, it could be too late to reverse eye damage or vision loss that have resulted. However, with prompt diagnosis and treatment, it is very possible to head off such diseases before harm has occurred. And your overall health may also benefit. Signs of high cholesterol and diabetes can be found in the blood vessels in your eyes, giving you the heads up to seek follow-up treatment from your primary doctor.

Reach out to our office now to set up an appointment to come in for our yearly Hicksville eye test.

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