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Designer eyewear in Plainview

Plainview Eye Center
Plainview Eye Center

The fads of fashion wax and wane. One minute acid wash is in, the next it is a sign of one who let the world pass them by. It can be difficult, not to mention expensive, navigating the world of what’s fashionable and what’s not. When it comes to eyewear, the story is no different. One minute the tortoise shell frame is all the rage, the next minute, it’s all about the big black boxy frame. It can be a dizzying enterprise trying to keep up with so many Jones’s. Our Plainview eye center understands that challenge, and is always stocked with the latest and greatest in designer eyewear at prices that can’t be beat. For fashionable frames the whole family can enjoy, stop by our Plainview eye center today.

Glasses used to be the cause of jokes, and mocking. Four eyes were fighting words on playgrounds from coast to coast. Today, however, glasses have become a sought after staple of high fashion, and an accessory that even those with no practical use for glasses seek out. Plainview eye center has been at the forefront of the Designer eyewear market for over forty years, providing Syosset and the surrounding areas with the unmatched eye care expertise. The next time you or your loved ones need a set of specs look no further than our Plainview eye center.

Plainview eye center is much more than an outlet for Designer eyewear. The dedicated team of eye care professionals also offer a wide range in ophthalmological services for the entire family. From contact lens screenings and fittings, to state sanctioned DMV eye tests, our Plainview eye center has solutions for every sight centered conundrum. The team at Plainview eye center understands that no sense is as vital to an active, productive life than the sense of sight. That’s why for nearly half a century, Plainview eye center has been the area’s leader in Designer eyewear, and quality eye care.

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