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Is your eyesight as good as it can be? That is a central question that we seek to answer with our Syosset eye exam. In addition to testing your vision, we will also screen you for the most common eye diseases. And while you may not think that it’s important, since you feel fine and have no symptoms, it’s vital to be aware that most eye diseases form and progress without any signs to alert you. By the time you notice that there is something wrong, it is typically because you have already experienced some degree of vision loss or damage to your eyes. And since both of those might be irreversible, it’s easy to see how a yearly exam is a key part of our eye care.

If you’ve never worn eyeglasses or contact lenses before, perhaps this is the time when you could benefit from what they have to offer. You might have noticed that you’re squinting or struggling to see things in the distance. Or perhaps you find words blurry when you’re reading. Those are just two possible indications that you could use prescription lenses. But even if you’re seeing okay, does that mean you wouldn’t want to see even better? Our Syosset eye exam is designed to help you achieve the sharpest and clearest corrected vision possible. On the other hand, if you already do wear glasses or contacts, you might be due for an update to your prescription. Your vision needs are always changing. Glasses or contacts that are insufficient aren’t much more valuable to you than having none at all. Make sure that you bring your current prescription lenses with you, so that you can be tested both with and without them.

Among the eye diseases you will be screened for are glaucoma and cataracts, which can both affect anyone at any age. Tests such as tonometry, used for glaucoma, and a slit lamp exam, for cataracts, are the baselines for diagnosing. Other tests may be done to make a firm determination. Anyone over 40 years old will be screened for macular degeneration. And if you have type one or type two diabetes, you will also be tested for diabetic retinopathy. Our Syosset eye exam is the best way to stay on top of your eye health and your best eyesight. Schedule yours today.

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